*Note, since the recording the program has been extended to a 16 Week Program instead of 12


is for you if...

→ You've lost weight on diets in the past but never been able to maintain it.

 → The things you used to do to lose the extra in your 20s and 30s suddenly are no longer working.

→ You watch what you eat and exercise regularly and yet every week the scale spits out a higher number.

→You're exhausted, gaining, craving all the things, and have terrible PMS or Menopause but your labs indicate everything is "normal"

→ You hate going to social events because nothing in your closet fits without 3 layers of spanx.

→ You worry if your friends, coworkers or total strangers are looking at your belly, wondering if you are pregnant.

→ You're struggling with your self-esteem and self-worth because your hiding behind flowy clothes and cover ups.

Want To Work With Us In The Thrive Formula?

Book a complimentary 45 min call to assess if the Thrive Formula is a good fit for you. 

On this call, we will go over your health history, goals and map out exactly what you need to hit your goals. 


what's inside...

Lifetime Access To Course Content

→ Nutritional principals, food guides, 12 weekly meal plans, eating out guides, quick reference food lists and over 160 recipes to feed your hormones, repair your metabolism and get you into a fat burning mode. 

→ Lifestyle shifts: quick and simple shifts to biohack your hormone balance, sleep quality, energy level, stress response, and turn off your belly fat storage hormones. 

→ Step by step instruction on how to rewire your immediate gratification and emotional eating brain so you can create effortless - bulletproof willpower.

4 Month Access To Virtual Coaching

→ Initial Private 1:1 Assessment Overview to go over your assessment results and review where the breakdown is happening and what systems in the body we will be addressing on an individual level

→ Final 1:1 at the end of the program to ensure your continued success and any final protocol updates.

→ Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom with Shannon and Pavlina (second nutritionist in the program).  Replays and ability to submit questions in advance available if you can't be there live.

→ Daily support (M-F) available via our private FB community or email support.

→ Option to add on additional 1:1 coaching sessions.

Individual NSP Assessment

→ Provides valuable information about what's impacting your body's metabolic function and sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

→ Results are reviewed by Shannon.

→ Assessment results are incorporated into your protocol via recommendations tailored to addressing the imbalances present in your body. 

→ NSP Assessment looks at your symptoms - - their severity and frequency.  Each symptom is related to different systems of the body so allows us to see where the imbalances are taking place.

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